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On Integrity of Self, Hippy Shielding, and Atheism
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  Dear Reader, It’s been awhile!  So sorry for the delay.  The past six months have been a little bit of chaos for me.  I’ve had some personal issues, and I’ve also been on a whirlwind circuit tour of writing conferences with the great organization SCBWI (Society for Children’s... Read More

Krampus and the Hideous Christmas Sweater
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Dear Readers, What follows is my own strange attempt at the creation of a Holiday classic.  It is written, as a gift, for those people in my life who have given me such tremendous support in my career as a writer, who have patiently waited for my success, and... Read More

Maleficent and the Irrelevant Phallus
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Taken back to the broader perspective, what the hell is Prince Philip doing in the movie? Or in any movie? What purpose do men serve in a world where they can't occupy themselves with saving females? This Philip question has finally really let me see the... Read More