Why should it even matter that you’re GAY?

Dear Readers, I am gay. I have been open about being gay for about a decade, and I have been accepting of my own homosexuality (by which I mean to say that I stopped trying to change it for Jesus) for about four years now. I am a lot of … Read More

On Integrity of Self, Hippy Shielding, and Atheism

  Dear Reader, It’s been awhile!  So sorry for the delay.  The past six months have been a little bit of chaos for me.  I’ve had some personal issues, and I’ve also been on a whirlwind circuit tour of writing conferences with the great organization SCBWI (Society for Children’s Book … Read More

Skiing Like A Sissy; On Russel Tovey, The Fosters, and Masculinity

Dear Readers,   What does it mean to be a man, gay or straight, biological or psychological, in today’s world?  These are my thoughts on the subject, that mostly arise out of being called “Champ”. There are a myriad of factors that have collided to produce this post.  They aren’t … Read More

Krampus and the Hideous Christmas Sweater

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Dear Readers, What follows is my own strange attempt at the creation of a Holiday classic.  It is written, as a gift, for those people in my life who have given me such tremendous support in my career as a writer, who have patiently waited for my success, and believed … Read More

Maleficent and the Irrelevant Phallus

Taken back to the broader perspective, what the hell is Prince Philip doing in the movie? Or in any movie? What purpose do men serve in a world where they can’t occupy themselves with saving females? This Philip question has finally really let me see the reality of what the “traditional” treatment of females in our art does to men. I finally grasp what a weirdly bleak and frankly horrifying landscape it is for male characters who are just as bound by the “Princess” stereotype as their female counterparts.

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