Dragons are not the sort of problem anyone would expect Sebastian Smith to solve.

But then again, no one would expect that Sebastian was the thief who stole Roland’s favorite shirt, or that he single handedly confronted the notorious gang of Gregor Gilsbee. And they certainly wouldn’t expect him to help Professor Thaddeus Archibald Lysander Rachenbaum the Third, noted scholar of Dragonology to escape from justice.

Yet when hundred years of peace is shattered by a Dragon rudely reducing the only daughter of the mayor of Hilsbac to greasy ash, Sebastian finds his life going anything but according to plan.

And the worst part?

The Dragon is demanding another maiden in just three days.

With the knowledge that he himself is responsible for the disappearance of the only dragon expert on the entire island, Sebastian must find a way to stop the murderous monster himself, or else one of his own sisters could be the next to face the flame.

As the otherwise ordinary village of Hilsbac begins to unravel in desperation, Sebastian seeks out the aid of the town’s most enigmatic resident, a woman known only as Aunt Elda.  But he soon discovers Elda has made a bargain to keep the only useful book on Dragons hidden, specifically from him!

Suddenly the only hope left for Hilsbac is for Sebastian to betray Aunt Elda, and to set off on a secret quest to decode a forbidden book before the village is forced to make an impossible choice that may shatter the town forever.  But it isn’t just the vengeful gang chasing him, or the terrifying paranormal watchdogs he must face, or even the Dragon he’s trying to impossibly overcome that scare Sebastian the most.

What scares Sebastian the most is that every chance he takes brings with it the risk of revealing his own humiliating crime:  He stole the shirt of Roland Baker, the bravest boy in the entire village, and the boy with whom Sebastian had accidentally fallen in love.

Note From The Author

Thank you for your interest in The Marvelous Adventures of Sebastian Smith.  Please feel free to explore this section of the site, which includes summaries of the series, excerpts from the novels, and notes by the author.

This series is written for “kids like me”.  What I mean is that I set out to write the novel I wished I had read when I was a kid.  It is one of the few fantasy series written for the middle grade/YA audience that stars an openly LGBT protagonist.  However, the project also focuses on blueprinting real world rhetorical and critical reasoning skills for young readers through the conflicts and resolutions of the story (shh, it’s a secret!).  Using my background as a trained rhetorician, and focusing on strong story-telling, excellent development of a diverse cast of characters, and skilled craftsmanship in the prose, all readers (queer and not)can enjoy the exciting world of Hilsbac and Tyr’aethea.  The first novel in the series “To The Dragon’s Lair” is complete, and currently on the market for representation.  Interested publishing professionals can use the contact form in the menu above to request a copy of the full manuscript.







Excerpt from Book One: To The Dragon’s Lair.

Manuscript Complete


Excerpt from Book Two: In The Dungeons of Castle Gallifrax

Manuscript 75% Drafted


To request a copy of the full manuscript, please contact the author via the contact form in the menu above.




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